Wellness Program

Building a Community Through Wellness Programs

An effective corporate wellness program is a great way for employers to reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. Plus, it can increase engagement, decrease absenteeism and improve overall well-being. REACH offers a variety of programs that are flexible to meet your organization’s wellness needs.



Reach provides seminars that can be done virtually for your employees to reach a broader base.  We offer a wide selection of subjects ranging from back care, healthy eating, information about student loans, stress management, nutrition and so much more!

We provide on-site events for your employees including flu shots, biometric screenings, and workshops.


Mind-Body exercises are a great compliment to any fitness program. These classes focus on breathing, meditation, balance and relaxation. These classes work well both inside or outside. We are able to accommodate any space.


We have proven team-building offerings to heighten employee's experience within their group. We build experiences that will inspire, engage, and bring team members together through a variety of programs.


REACH has successfully implemented special events for the employees at the companies we serve. Most of these events are held annually and are extremely popular. We will partner with your benefits department to engage your preferred providers for our employee events.

Family Events

Fun Runs

Employee Engagement

Affinity Group


Reach designs game challenges and sporting events for teams that are either requested by a department or requested for an event you are hosting. Depending on your needs, Reach can create events/programs that can range from 1 hour - 4 hours.

Reach has put together sports clinics, tournaments, and programs centered around sports such as golf, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, badminton and tennis.


We can customize classes for private teams and events. Classes can include outdoor spin classes, obstacle course training, and more!


Reach offers non-competitive games to keep employees engaged. These social interactive events help build a community on campus, and gives your employees a "healthy break" from their daily work routine.